Why You Should Donate

There’s so much that you can do to help.

The first floor of the orphanage is complete and looks incredible. More importantly, forty children are now living safely under a solid roof….40 children who were found abandoned in the harsh streets but now live in an earthquake proof building surrounded by love. We have also have served over 600,000 patients and donated about 10 tons of clothes, toys and school supplies in DR, Haiti and SVG!  We also pay teachers salaries so Haitian children who are refugees living in the Puerto Plata area can receive a proper education. We make sizable donations to The House of Prayer…another community service organization which assists the poor there. We have built them a warehouse and helped purchase their pick up truck that is vital to their operations.  We fund a Food Brigade to feed destitute families who have no government support.

There are thousands more kids still desperately trying to survive. Just in the Dominican Republic and SVG there are an estimated 250,000+ orphans. The numbers for Haiti are mind-boggling.  A second floor on God’s House of Treasure will immediately be filled by another 100 youth-at-risk who are living scared and alone right now.   We need $75,000 to complete Phase II.


• Introduce the world to Chiropractic through humanitarian service.

• Give doctors, students and volunteers the opportunity to serve those in need.

• To continue to grow and maintain a presence and relationships in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

• To continue adding onto the Chiropractic orphanages and complete others so hundreds will have a roof over their head at night.


• To reach those struggling with their health in the Caribbean and beyond

• To build a Chiropractic Clinic throughout the Caribbean & beyond

• To finance individual Chiropractors & volunteers who stay behind to serve